[A]CODE Abogados was born from the merger of the law firms JM[A]A Abogados and Code Abogados, and is the sum of both teams, various disciplines and a single vision. Tradition meets modernity with a single objective, to provide its services in a cross-disciplinary, multidisciplinary and integrated manner to clients, so that they can maximise their strategic objectives. This, and no other, is our vision, to be part of the value chain through which our clients contribute to society, becoming key personnel within their organisations and exercising multidisciplinary functions to optimise all company resources through legal services.
JM[A]A has extensive experience in the real estate and urban planning sectors, the economic basis of society, with a broad knowledge of the necessary legal and economic tools. It was founded in 1981 by José Miguel Angulo Aldazábal. It is also aware of the transformation that has taken place in recent times, since it is in direct contact with new market operators and is familiar with their needs and the latest trends in real estate and urban development investment and management, making it a benchmark sector boutique.
CODE Abogados was founded in 2006 by Ricardo Torres and Gerardo Siguero and has an outstanding presence in the field of private equity and Venture Capital investments, with extensive expertise in corporate and financial law, and bankruptcy law, mostly oriented towards start-ups and companies in the technology sector, or investors in these types of companies. It also has a Sports division, with the necessary technical knowledge to advise professional athletes, clubs, federations and any other sports operators.
[A]CODE Abogados, therefore, is the sum of both, a combination of more and better professionals, and of allocating more resources to the needs of our clients. This sum is what has guided our new corporate image, based on the two previous firms, which aims to transfer the best of each and make it available to the customer.


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sports / entertainment

venture capital

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ayuda económica insuficiente y efectos concursales

Análisis práctico sobre el RD 5/2021: ayuda económica insuficiente y efectos concursales

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La cancelación de la carga hipotecaria por caducidad

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Gerardo Siguero (Acode Sports): “La regulación general no está pensada para los clubes profesionales”

El abogado considera que habrá “una avalancha de concursos” y que la relación laboral especial de los deportistas profesionales “está muy desfasada”.   Gerardo Siguero, de Acode Abogados, es…